Who are you exactly?
Nick Radford. A thirty-something, biological sciences graduate. I lived most of my life in the south-west of Britain running small-medium sized businesses and dabbling in politics. It was great, a wonderful part of the world and I have the best family you could hope for, but it was time to fledge the nest and migrate south in search of adventure and that elusive life concept… the hope of doing something “meaningful”.

Ok, and so what are you doing now?
Living in the Congo Basin and helping to run a National Park. I live in one of the most remote, untouched and pristine corners of Africa. Started as a Volunteer Field Assistant with the WWF in Dzanga Sangha National Park in the Central African Republic, tracking down Lowland Gorillas through the rainforest everyday. Now work for the Wildlife Conservation Society in the Republic of the Congo, as the Director of Finance and Administration for Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park. We try to protect the largest, untouched patch of tropical lowland rainforest in Africa.

And why are you doing it?
Have always loved the natural world and a good adventure. Feel very strongly about protecting nature, saving the world’s wild places from being destroyed and stopping the slaughter of animals. Some of the biggest, most difficult and most important challenges that the planet faces today.

Why is the name of the blog “Run Wild”?
I guess it comes from the fact that I’m an avid runner. I think running is one of the most primal activities you can do and I think it connects us with the reality that we are animals just like any other. Also, allowing all the other wild animals to run wild is kind of the objective. Anyway, I hope that in a very small way, this blog communicates some of the messages that I think are important and perhaps gives an interesting glimpse into what life is like in this remote part of the world.